You probably love Grammarly. I don’t have it because it costs some money which I don’t have right now, so I need to just remember all of my learnings from my grammar class and know when I read something if it doesn’t sound right it needs changing.

However, Medium, and many other platforms, have grammar gods who lurve to tell you when you get something wrong.

Sometimes I take the advice on board and realise that it was my fault because I didn’t proof read properly or was just rushing. …

The point of this site is to keep eyeballs on screens. The longer someone reads your article the more money you make right? So it stands to reason that the longer your article is the more money you’ll make. Turns out that might be the wrong approach.

I’ve read a lot of articles on medium. I can tell fluff from facts pretty quickly.

If you’re going to write an article that’s 1500 words or more make every paragraph count. Otherwise, you’ll lose me or I will just skim over it pretty quickly.

I have brevity in all of my writing…

Sometimes the words come easily. Other times the page stares back at you blank.

The word you want evades you and you can’t go in with a substitute because it’s that word you need that conveys all meaning and tone. If you put in something else for now, you will forget to go back and if you do remember, you can’t remember what you were trying to capture.

Then at three or four o’clock in the morning you will roll over in your sleep and suddenly have the word you were looking for. Finally. …

I’ve spoken about my impoverished state of being before. I have no money. I worked really hard through 2020 and ended up further in debt and barely enough to get food left over each week.

I am however wealthier than anyone here.

Well maybe we’re equal when I think about it, because if you’re reading this you have the same wealth I do.

The internet.

The ability to read.

The ability to comprehend.

The ability to make money.

The ability to be mobile.

The ability to vote.

The ability to speak (write) my mind.

The ability to hear from others.

I’m older than most of you on this platform who delve deeply into lists and alternate thinking and any advice that will help you make sense of an increasingly complex world.

My age is my advantage. I’ve lived through and understand much more of the current circumstances of the world than you do because I’ve had more experience than you, just by being alive longer than you.

This does not mean that I cannot learn from your thoughts, understandings and explorations of issues that impact you as a generation and as individuals.

An example of my adaptability to age is…

So the rubber is going to meet the road this month. I’ve been quiet with my writing because I’ve been busy with my ebay pursuits and trying to build a business that will sustain me.

It hasn’t worked yet. It used to work. But right now, it’s not working.

I have exactly one month before I am totally out of money and looking face to face with not being able to pay rent, eat, keep the power and internet on.

It is terrifying. I’m not alone.

In Australia we have been reasonably well protected from some of the harsh economic…

According to Tim Denning I should

Medium is a land of opportuntiy. A land fraught with danger and divets, potholes, sinkholes, blackholes — lots of holes. I’m in all of them right now and I’m still here writing about it. I checked my earnings today because I needed another hit from the universe, and it delivered. Nine cents this month. This discovery was straight after I read a story by Tim Denning about doubling down on income producers.


Sadly, Medium makes me more than my own blog and I’ve been at that for nearly 20 years. So to me, doubling down on nine cents actually…

Your work doesn’t have to see the light of day

This has been an interesting over twenty years of writing. No-one has really read anything I’ve written yet, except for a short lived blog post that hit 1390 views and got me to leave the internet with the backlash, pretty much no-one has written my work. I started to reflect today whether that’s freeing or just plain depressing.

On one hand, I can write my heart and mind. One piece I wrote recently and was crying as I was writing it, has not been seen by many. Do I want that ‘success’ though?

It isn’t about that for me. It’s…

Instead of actually writing

I found myself in an echo chamber on Medium. I kept seeing articles about how to make money on Medium and blogging. Today I read a 9 minute article only to discover that there was nothing new there and that my reading helped the writer make money (no problems there) and stopped me from writing something that might make me money.

I’ve been at this a long time. I know what I have to do. Yet, I continue to read about others’ success as if I’m going to find some magic clue that I’ve missed all along.

Let me save…

Kathy Rees

Writing about business, retirement, personal finance, life, health. Masters of Health Science Health Admin Undergrad Criminology. Writing Fiction finally.

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